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PCI Compliance


Having Issues with CPI Compliance and PayPal?

At CitricMedia we can help you when it comes to CPI Compliance.

Recently changes came about that means if you take credit card transactions on your website and then process them with PayPal whilst the customer stays on your site you may have received this email

We recently sent you an email letting you know that you need to become PCI DSS compliant and provide us with confirmation in order to avoid limitations being placed on your account. Unfortunately, we haven’t yet received any confirmation from you regarding your PCI compliance status and your PayPal business account has been limited.

What limitations are on my account and what will happen next?

It is no longer possible to withdraw money from your business’ PayPal account.

If we don’t hear from you before ??-???-2015 about the steps you are taking to become PCI compliant, we may begin placing further limitations on your business’ account and it won’t be possible to accept card payments.

Becoming PCI DSS compliant is a required industry regulation that can help protect your reputation and build trust with your customers. It will also reduce the potential for incurring substantial fines from Visa™ and MasterCard®. We’re here to help so please call PayPal Business Support * as soon as you can.

Yours sincerely,


If this has happened to you you may face issues becoming compliant. In some cases the fastest solution is to move hosts, as getting your isp to react quickly enough could put you in jeopardy.

Our servers are CPI  Compliant with plans starting from £49.00 per month.

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