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Improve Google Adwords with 5 essential tips.

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Google Adwords changes in 2014

How much do you really know about about Google Adwords?

Talking to a colleague just the other day reminded me about Google advertising when it first started.

It was really simple to use back then but as time has gone by its now become a complete nite mare for everyone including skilled professionals.

So if you do Google Adwords and you aren’t making any return from your spend, here are some top tips to help you not waste as much money as you could do.

This is just a sample of issues you will run into. for an exhaustive list please register with us and we’ll send you a full checklist of things to look out for so you can make the most of your spend.

Here we go then..

Tip 1 first thing to do is link your webmasters tools and Google analytics to your Adwords account before you spend any money on advertising.

Tip 2 now add conversion tracking again before you spend any money on advertising.

Tip 3 if you have forms on your site that link to thank you pages after the form is filled add goals to the form page and to thank you page.

Tip 4 If you intend to advertise in the display network as well as the Google search network make sure you add re marketing to your product pages so you get better exposure to your targeted customers.

Tip 5 there is a section called shared library in the bottom left corner of your Adwords interface. Click on it. Navigate to keywords section and add keywords that you don’t want to be paying for that will waste your budget.

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