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Strange reporting in Google Adwords

Strange reporting in Google Adwords
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Strange reporting in Google Adwords

Strange anomaly In Google Adwords

I tripped over this in my Google adwords account and I’m keen to find out if anyone else has seen this happen. I have seen it more than once now.

On looking at the search terms for a campaign I noticed a key phrase that appeared with a 400% CTR.
See image.1 You can see the top search term showing a 400% CTR at the top.

Just a few minutes later I looked again and it vanished. See image 2. The key search term has vanished along with it’s 400% CTR.


There was no report about click fraud in Google Adwords so I have no idea if the figures are true or false.


Finally on checking other accounts I have the same issue on others too. this time CTR is at 200% which is impossible?



If you’ve seen something similar or know why this happens I would like to hear from you.

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