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Saving Schools Money on Websites.

Saving Schools Money on Websites.

The education system in the UK requires that all schools have a website. These websites need to comply with Ofstead regulations.

Unfortunately most don't comply mainly due to a lack of knowledge, after all you're educators not web developers.

If you want a list of the Ofstead requirements please call 01942 537585..

We conducted a survey to see how much the average school website costs and were shocked at what we found.

With primary schools paying just over £1000 per year plus monthly fees. And secondary schools paying anywhere between £3-7K plus monthly fees.

So why choose us.

With school budgets under more pressure than ever before, every pound saved is a pound that could be deployed for the benefit of your pupils.

One notorious area of wasted expenditure is school websites. In today’s market, every school should now be reaping the benefits of the latest in streamline website design and economies of scale.

To illustrate this, we can build a site for you to consider. It gives you complete flexibility to convey your school’s special identity and character. It is designed to display on any mobile and tablet as well as desktops, and can accommodate as many pages as you need.

Critically, though, it costs a fraction of what you’re paying now. This is because:
we charge a simple low fixed fee.

there are no hidden extras. No setup fees, no extra costs for unlimited email addresses, hosting, domain name renewal and full support when you need it. It’s all included.


CitricMedia is a fully accredited website specialist. We draw on more than 18 years’ experience in the sector, with skills and knowledge continuously refreshed and assessed by leading market players including Microsoft and Google.

By applying the latest templates and operating systems,we can deliver to you savings that could, literally, run into thousands.

We would value the opportunity to tell you more, and to show you what we can do, with no obligation.

Call us today and get some of your budget back to spend where it matters most.

Download  the Ofstead school website requirements document here

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