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Google change the specification of shopping Feed

Google change the specification of shopping Feed
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Google change the specification of shopping Feed

Be prepared for a bumpy ride as your Google shopping feed products start to get disapproved, But Why?


To display all product data in the most effective way, the feed specification now clearly states how many characters can be used for our attributes. You’ll find the length limit in the specification chart of each attribute at If any of your items contain values over the length limit after 30 September, the item will be disapproved.

Starting from 30 September 2014, non-compliant items will be disapproved and disappear from Google Shopping.

You can review the items impacted by these changes in the warnings on the Data Feed summary section of your Merchant Center account, or the API dashboard if you use the Content API. You can also download a full list of all of the processing errors and warnings for your feeds from the Feed Status Summary page of each feed. To review our updated feed specification, please visit ( courtesy of a Google email).

So there you are. If you start to get disapproved notifications from Google re Shopping ads after September 30th 2014, you now know why.

If you need help fixing your feed, Call us on 0161 536 0334. CitricMedia are Google Partners, we can help you with your Adwords Campaigns.




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